Guy hilariously starts ‘running’ after his girlfriend catches the bouquet in a wedding

In wedding traditions, one of the most awaited parts is the bouquet throwing of the bride. In this part, everyone becomes eager to see the lucky lady who can catch the bouquet as it is believed that whoever catches it will be the next bride.

In a report by Daily Mail, the hilarious moment a man does a runner after seeing his girlfriend catch a bride’s wedding bouquet was recorded in a video. The male guest was caught on camera running for his life after realizing he might be next to get hitched.

The man was later identified as Daniel Gilbert and his girlfriend was also named as Rachel Besley. The couple had been celebrating newly-weds Chelsea and Matt Best tied the knot in Kettering, Northampton.

In line with tradition, Chelsea flings the flowers into the crowd towards a group of women who all have their eyes on the prize. A dozen or so women reach out to grab hold of the bouquet before it lands.

They can be seen barging each other out of the way to try and get hold of the bouquet but it was Rachel who have luck on her side as she was the one who managed to catch the bouquet. Rachel is the one who is wearing an orange gown in the video. Clearly overjoyed, Rachel jumps for joy holding the yellow flowers in the air until Daniel runs away.

Social media users commented on the now viral video saying their partners would react much the same.

You can watch the hilarious video here: