This is how it’s like in a fishing vessel catching gigantic Squids

As the world is composed of 75% water, there are a lot of people who depend on fishing as their livelihood. However, fishing is considered a gamble as there is no concrete or guaranteed quantity of fishes that a fisherman could catch at a certain date or time.

Some may be lucky on certain days and may also be unlucky on other instances. Well, these guys have probably been showered with a lot of luck while fishing on a one fine day.

In a footage that has piqued the interest of netizens and is now shared repeatedly on social media, a group of fishermen was first seen on board a boat. At first, there is nothing unusual, it just seemed that the group was having another fine fishing day.

Until the camera focused on their catch. Apparently, the fishermen did not just catch the kind of sea creatures we often eat at home, they were able to catch overly gigantic squids! What they were able to catch were almost half the size of an average adult human being.

As the camera moved from one corner of the boat to the other, it was revealed that the whole boat was filled with the gigantic squids that the fishermen were able to catch.

In another angle, it was shown that the fishermen was using a mechanical way of trying to lure squids and catch them immediately.

This rare case is surely amusing but, we should bear in mind that as human beings, we should be responsible enough to not consume all the richness in our oceans in just one go. Instead, we should think about our future generations and preserve some of these rare creatures for them to see.

Watch the full video here: