Kid falls asleep inside the classroom, wakes up and went out with a chair as his backpack

We all know that education is a vital part of a human’s life. This is why young children are sent by their parents to school in order to learn things out of the four walls of their house. However, there are instances where children just cant seem to focus on the lesson at hand and does unusual things like sleeping while the class is going on.

That is exactly what happened to this kid featured in a viral video uploaded by a Facebook user named Agnes Ravelo Orillos. In Orillo’s post, a video which was taken inside a classroom was first seen. As the rest of the class were lining up to go home, it seemed that there was one student who still remains asleep on his seat.

As an immediate action, the kid’s mom was paged to take her child home. She first fixed the belongings of his son and shoved them all in his bag. As the mom was doing so, the kid suddenly woke up from his deep sleep.

It was as if someone pushed a button and the child immediately moved. Without completely grasping what was going on, the child stood up and carried his bag. Only that it wasn’t a bag that he was carrying but he mistakenly took a chair and put it in his back like it was a real bag.

In the video, the mom and the teacher just failed to contain their laughter after seeing what the boy did. Well, this kid is just too adorable that even such act can still make him look cute.

You may watch the full video here: