This woman invented a futuristic device that made implants glow

Throughout the years, there has been various inventions created by people which benefited human beings in unimaginable ways and made breakthroughs in technology advancement. Aside from the really beneficial inventions, there are also others that seem quite peculiar.

Just like this newest invention of Naomi Wu featured by the 9Gag’s Facebook page. The 1 minute and 20 seconds clip shows a new invention called “Cyberpunk Wearable Fiber Optic Implant Transillumination” or “glowing bra” in a more understandable term.

At the start of the video, a woman was first seen trying to fix her bra. What seemed unusual is that her supposed common bra glowed a certain light which was red in color.

As the video continued, the girl changed into a daring dress that reveals most part of her breast and gives emphasis to the glowing light that seems to be coming from somewhere inside her breast. Well, what people don’t know is that the glowing light all came from the newest invention modeled by the girl.

As the girl walked on crowded places, people just can’t stop staring at her. Not just for her alluring beauty but most of them are curious about the unusual light coming from her breast. The girl simply stood out even when she was positioned in a small room full of people.

The glowing bra is surely an eye-catcher that could make anyone’s head turn and look twice to anyone wearing it.

Well, if given the chance, will you also wear this new invention? Tell us your thoughts!

Watch the full video here: