I thought these couple are publicly showing affection until he revealed himself

There are some people who hate the idea of being alone. Even just the mere thought of having nobody there to be with them can already be an upsetting thought to start with. After all, it is still true that no man is an island.

Well, this man just has his own way of of spending his alone time into something completely hilarious and out of this world.

In a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Munene Wa Njeru, a man and a woman was first seen standing in the middle of a street. The man pants and a thick jacket while the woman was wearing a long skirt and a shirt. Both of them wore hats.

Just a few moments later, the two started dancing right on that road. It was really good to look at them as the woman was leaning her head on that of the man and they danced gracefully. The man even carried the woman on his shoulders and lifted her high up in the air.

However, what came as a shock to everyone was when it was revealed that during those entire time, only one person was dancing. It turns out to be a middle-aged man and he only pretended to have two bodies.

How? well, he did so just by putting his hands on a pair of shoes – the exact shoes that the supposed dancing lady was wearing. The upper body part of the dancing woman were all just clothing stuffed with god knows what to make it seem like it was the figure of a person.

People sure have different ways of handling their alone time but this man just set up the wall too high for anyone who will ever challenge his idea of killing boredom while alone.

You can watch the full hilarious video here: