Filipino student invents an aircon that does not use Freon and only consumes 10% power of regular AC

The weather in some areas across the globe is slowly becoming more and hotter. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the reckless acts of people who only take advantage of mother nature and no longer think about the situation of the future generation and the welfare of our dear Earth.

As a result of the hot weather, people tend to find their own means of staying comfortable. These methods often include the use of air-conditioning units. But, aircons use a chemical called Freon that creates even more damage to the environment.

Well, this seemingly endless dilemma about the harmful effect of using an air conditioning unit is now given a solution.

This particular 19-year-old student from Naga City, Philippines just invented an air conditioning unit that does not require the use of freon!


The student was identified as Maria Isabel Angel Palma and her invention was named as the “Air Disc.”

On GMA’s interview with Palma, she revealed that her Air Disc does not require the use of any chemical to create an artificial cooling effect instead, all the machine requires is the natural air that is abundant everywhere. Palma was able to develop the prototype of the Air Disc with the help of her father who is an engineer.

It was also revealed that aside from its good effects in the environment, the Air Disc will also help the consumers save on their electricity bills as it only consumes 10% of electricity as compared to the common air conditioning units.

Kudos to Palma for being able to make such a relevant invention at such a young age. This invention of hers will surely go a long way!

Watch the full video here: