Doctors removed a coin from a kid’s body without any operation.

A doctor’s job is one of the hardest jobs anyone could ever have. To hold the life of countless persons at a time surely requires skill and knowledge that cannot just be attained by anyone.

Additionally, it is even harder to be a doctor in charge of taking care of younger patients. Kids have a low tolerance when it comes to pain and often just cry out whatever it is that they are feeling without describing what they truly feel.

This is why what this doctor did is just exceptional and is worthy of praise. In a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Krishnendu Mitra, a kid was first seen with his body wrapped in a white cloth.

Soon, doctors come into the scene and are trying to pin the child down with the main doctor inserting a long tube inside the child’s body through his mouth. The kid just kept crying but doctors are persistent with what they are doing.

As the video went on, it was found out that the child has swallowed a coin and the doctors are doing anything they could to remove the coin naturally.

Just a few moments later, the doctor pulled the long tube and the coin just went naturally with it.

Then, that’s it! The kid is now free from what is blocking his abdomen without any serious operation done on him.

No matter how exceptional the skills of the doctor are in this video, this should serve as a reminder to parents to always keep an eye on their children because these kids need all the love and care they could take.

Watch the full video here: