These dogs are caught enjoying a day in water just like kids

Dogs are the most domesticated animals because aside from being a man’s best friend, these creatures spend most of their lives living with human beings. In the past, there has been several dogs who were considered geniuses as they can easily imitate things that are only done by human beings with the training given by their owners.

As it turns out, dogs just simply have their own ‘human-like’ nature that are often left unnoticed by the majority.

This particular video uploaded by the Facebook page, BISAN UNO LANG shows the true happy nature of dogs even when they are left unaware that someone is taking a video of them.

At the start of the video, one can see that the dogs are having a fun time taking a bath in the water. As the video continues, one of the dogs went up on the side of the pond. It was as if the dog was taking a rest from having a refreshing time under the water.

After just a few moment, that same dog jumped over the water again but this time, it did so with style. The dog splashed while rolling its body which can be likened to a person taking a dive into the water.

Then, another dog came swimming all the way from the far end of the pond all the way down to the other end. This dog sure can swim well on its own.

All throughout the video, it is evident that the dogs are indeed having a fun time, enjoying their freedom and simply living their lives right at that moment.

You can watch the full video here: