This Bae is done sexy cooking so he does the kiki challenge!

The “Kiki Dance Challenge” did exceed a lot of expectations after it became a worldwide hit in just a short time. From ordinary people to famous celebrities worldwide, everyone had their own unique version of the famous Dance Challenge.

This time, a man caught the attention of netizens yet again after doing the “Kiki Dance Challenge” in the sexy way.

Apparently, this Bae is no longer unfamiliar to the eyes of many as he has previously become a hot topic online after his “sexy cooking” video went viral.

The said video shows him wearing just a boxer briefs while cooking and later on danced to the tune of “No te voy a dejar.” The said video was able to gain 26 million views since it was posted.

This is probably why his Kiki Dance challenge video also became a hit to the online community. What made his Kiki Dance Challenge video stood out from the rest is that he did the challenge in a parking lot while only wearing shorts.

Well, its no longer a surprise that after just a short time since the video was posted, it already gained 7.4 million views, with over 95,000 shares, 91,000 reactions and 17, 000 comments and these numbers are still growing as of writing time.

Through a little digging, we were able to identify the man asĀ Rodrigo Romeh, a fitness enthusiast and a model at the same time. No wonder his body is quite toned and his looks is just too good to remain unnoticed.

Now, it seems that Rodrigo is off to a good start in his career as many people are quite interested in whatever he does and are more than willing to support him further in the future.

Watch his full Kiki Dance challenge video below: