These kids are having the best time of their lives by swinging dangerously in a tree

Kids are often seen as carefree individuals without worries about the daily struggles in life. Adults can often be heard saying that they want to go back to being a kid and just be as carefree as they can be.

This hilarious video uploaded by the Facebook page, The Northeast Vibes just showed the carefree nature of kids. In the said short clip, as group of kids was first seen playing on a tree branch. They made the tree branch seem like a hammock where they can ride and let the branch swing freely.

All the other kids put in their strength in pulling the tree branch as low as they could. Two male kids was seen as the ‘riders’ of the tree branch. As all the other kids let go of the branch, it eventually swung to the highest it can sending the riders into a roller coaster-like ride.

It is evident in the video that the kids are genuinely enjoying what they were doing seeing that they even repeated their actions several times more and sounds of laughter can also be heard all throughout the video.

However, it should serve as a reminder to everyone that what these kids are doing may have a dangerous outcome especially that the tree branch may already be old and might just break anytime.

Well, it is good to have fun but safety is still a priority especially for kids who are considered precious by their parents.

You can watch the full video below: