This video shows how a simple encouragement can make a change in people’s lives

Oftentimes, we feel down and burdened by the things or happenings around us. In these times, we often become unaware that all we need is just a simple encouragement from the people around us.

This is exactly what is depicted in this touching video that has managed to capture the hearts of netizens on social media.

We are talking about this video uploaded by a Facebook user named, Brittan Buhrig. The said video started off with a group of students riding a bus. Then a girl silently puts a small note on the bag of another girl who happens to be asleep inside the bus.

When the girl arrived at school, she noticed the note inside her bag which states “You are amazing”, her face suddenly lit up after seeing the note.

During her class, the girl noticed that a classmate of hers who got a really low score during the exam felt so down. So, she decided to pass on the note to that classmate.

That classmate also decided to pass on the note to another student he helped on the hallway.

Another student turned out to have her violin playing audition and after seeing the note, she felt encouraged to do a good job during her audition.

The note was then passed on from one person to another including the cleaning and the cafeteria staff and it soon landed to the food tray of a student.

That student decided to take a photo of the note and post it on his social media account. Many saw the most and immediately, their mood lit up after seeing it.

At the end of the video, the note ended up with that girl who first started giving it out on the bus.

This video just showed that instead of exercising crab mentality, we should uplift people around us by encouraging them to become the best versions of themselves. If this is to be practiced by everyone, the world will surely be a better place to live in.

Watch the full video here: