Magician tricks unsuspecting subjects being invisible and it was wild!

If you are given the chance to have a superpower, what would you choose? This question may have been asked several times and people sure does have their own preference and reasons to choose a certain ability to be their superpower.

But, have you ever imagined yourself to become invisible even for just a short while? Would you like it or would you simply just feel weird?

This social experiment made two people believe they were invisible for a short time and how they cope with being ‘invisible’ just showed the different nature of people.

The said social experiment was conducted via a Netflix show entitled Magic for Humans and is hosted by Justin Willman.

At first, a group of people was gathered and all of them were informed that they should pretend to not see another stranger.

Then, Justin started off with his magic trick by first introducing the concept of invisibility with the use of water as an example. He then chose two random guys out of the crowd. One of them was previously informed about the trick and the other is that person who will eventually believe that he is invisible.

Justin was able to pull out a man named Jonathan and another one named Brandon. The two had quite the opposite reactions to being invisible.

Jonathan seemed to have grabbed and loved the whole idea of him being invisible that he put such a large smile on his face and roamed around the area while interacting with people all with the thought that he is truly invisible.

Brandon, on the other hand seemed unhappy with being invisible. All he did was curse out loud and felt really helpless that people were not able to see him. He even tried to seek out Josh so that he can return to his normal state as soon as possible.

Josh then ended his social experiment by bringing the two back to being ‘visible’ to everyone around them.

Well, if you were in the position of Jonathan or Brandon, how will you react to being invisible?

You may watch the whole episode of Magic For Humans as part of Netflix Original Series, where he showed unbelievable magic tricks.