Underwater video shows what happens when fish takes the bait

The vast ocean still remains as one of the most mysterious locations on the face of the earth. Although there has been efforts in the past and even now to explore the depths of the ocean, a huge part of it still remains undiscovered.

Still, people continue to extend these exploration efforts with the latest equipment available in terms of documentation.

This time, a group of fishermen decided to document what happens underneath the water and how fishes react to being faced with a ‘bait’ in the form of smaller fishes which are often considered as their prey.

In a video uploaded by the Youtube Channel, The Ginger Fisherman, a huge fish was first seen making its way in search of food. When it spots a small fish moving hastily, the big fish pinned its eye on the smaller fish with the aim of eating it. The big fish was unaware that the smaller fish was only a bait.

When the big fish ate the smaller fish, it was already too late because it is now glued to the bait of the lucky fisherman.

In another clip, another big fish became curious as to why there are two small fishes glued in just one place. It took a while for the big fish to finally make its move of trying to eat the smaller fishes. However, despite the long encounter with the smaller fishes, it is now time for the big fish to face an even bigger thing. That is-the fisherman who was able to attract the big fish to its bait.

It is indeed amazing to see that even fishes take their time and think things over too before deciding on doing things or simply eating a prey.

You can watch the full video here:

Featured video by Blunt Komunity