These dogs adorably say “NO” to their owners

Animals have a mind of their own too. Their mind also functions like that of humans. However, they were not given the ability to speak so they just speak their minds through their actions. Their gestures convey their feelings for their fellow animals and even to human beings.

May it be feelings of love, hatred, agreement or disagreement, animals have their way of expressing these through conveying it in their actions.

These dogs featured in a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Funniest Family Moments truly conveyed their feelings by giving their owners a firm NO as an answer to a question, thing or food they disagree on.

The dogs were asked things such as, “Do you want your nails clipped?”, “Do you want to clean your ears?” or “Do you want your medicine?”. These things are often asked to a kid and kids also often have the same answers as the dogs – a definite NO.

The owners even offered them food and drinks but every time they smell it and it does not fit their preferences, dogs are also quick to shake their heads in an adorable gesture of saying NO.

Well, this just shows that dogs have an independent mind and they sure know what fits their preferences. Which explains why they can easily say yes or no to certain things or questions randomly thrown at them.

So, the next time you ask questions to your dog, better be prepared to have honest answers.

Just watch the hilarious video below: