Super mom struggled but succeeded to dress triplets and a toddler in this tiring video

Have you ever wondered about how moms struggle to keep their babies in check all the time? Well, it sure is a hard job and it even becomes harder if a mom does not just look after a single baby but four equally outrageous babies!

In this particular video uploaded by the Facebook page, The Baby Gang, we get a glimpse of what really happens inside a room full of babies and one word to describe it? CHAOS!

In the said video, a mom wearing a black dress was first seen coming into the room carrying her triplets and another toddler. She positioned all of them on the bed.

Given the outrageous nature of babies, one by one, they crawled from all directions giving their mom a hard time to gather them together again. This seemingly endless cycle just went on and on as the mom took her time to dress her babies one by one.

As the mom tried to dress one of the triplets, the rest of the babies seemed to have a world of their own, especially the older toddler who spent all his time roaming around the bed without his clothes on.

In the end of the video, the mom was finally able to dress up all of her kids and the look on her fave simply showed how happy she was.

The video perfectly showed how hard it is for a mother to keep up with her children. Nevertheless, this mom sure did a good job and moms all over the world deserves all the love they can get from the people around them.

Watch the full video here: