Dogs guilty of messing things up can’t stare directly at their owners

Dogs are dubbed as “man’s best friend”, this probably explains why there are a lot of people who prefer to own dogs and even keep their dogs on their own rooms.

The kind of bond humans and dogs have is just hard to explain and even harder to measure physically.

However, despite being the perfect partner for human beings, dogs can sometimes do mischievous things too. But after committing mistakes, dogs can make their owners smile again with their honest but equally hilarious ‘playing innocent’ act.

In this compiled video uploaded by the Facebook page Funniest Family Moments, dogs were asked by their owners if they are the ones who did mischievous things inside the house and their reactions are just hilarious.

On the first part of the video, two dogs were asked by their owner “who did it?”, the two looked up at the same time and just acted like they did not understood anything.

Another one features a brown dog innocently laying down on the floor with its feet raised a little high on the wall. When the owner removed the dog’s foot, it turned out that part of the wall was broken and it was the dog that caused it.

Overall, the dogs had a similar reaction of trying to get away from their mistakes by just acting shy and regretful for all the things that they did.

Well, the innocent look on the dog’s faces is just too irresistible for the owners to remain angry at them after the confrontation. Surely, dogs have a way of making their owners pity them and love them even more.

Watch the full video here: