Would you let your kids play this scary doll?

In the past, dolls, as a popular toy among kids have a pretty image, vibrant clothing and are often portrayed with huge smiles on their faces. However, in the recent years, dolls have been portrayed in movies as those with hideous appearance and only pose harm to people.

This is probably why there is now a range of choices when it comes to dolls that can be bought in the market. From the skinny to the chubby ones, the fair skinned to the tanned ones, to characters we see in the movies. By far, this doll is the scariest we have ever seen!

We are talking about this particular hideous doll featured in a video that has circulated on social media.

The doll simply had the scariest appearance. She has a white hair that is formed into pigtails. She even has cracks on her body parts and her eyes were all white in color paired with dark circles around it. Just the mere sight of this doll can send anyone running for their lives.

What made it even scarier is that the only action it is capable of doing is crawling on the floor (and looking up at anybody with those scary eyes) which is often the act done by those hideous dolls we see in movies.

Well, if you had a choice, would you buy this kind of doll? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

Prepare yourself first before watching the full video of the hideous doll below: