Delicious meal feast turns into a scary snake prank

When a friend invites the whole crew to a celebration or even just a simple sleepover, it is a given that delicious food shall be served to the visitors. It need not be huge in terms of volume just as long as the food is prepared with love and care- plus is should taste great.

However, these guys just had the shock of their lives when a supposed big plate of food served before them turned out to be something that they never expected.

In a video that is now shared repeatedly on social media, two men was first seen sitting on the floor. Another man comes in and served a ‘food’ covered in foil for the two.

The look on the faces of the two men showed how eager they were to see the contents of what they are about to eat.

So, when the guy wearing a green jacket opened the ‘food’, what was behind it was no food at all. It was in fact, two huge yellow snakes!

After seeing the snakes, as if on queue, the two men immediately stood up and ran as fast as they could to get away from the snakes. Being the naughty friend, the man wearing a green jacket even chased them more by carrying the snakes on his hands.

He clearly had no trouble in handling the snakes, completely the opposite of his now terrified friends.

Clearly, the two men did not expect that such kind of prank will be thrown at them.

How about you? How will you react if that same thing happened to you?

Watch the full video here: