Here are some of the funniest face-off scenes in MMA and boxing

When we talk of various sporting events, the immediate reaction people often have is that it includes a fierce battle of strength between athletes all aiming to gain a title for themselves. The years of intense training will finally be put to test in just a few minutes of the sport event.

But, have you ever thought that such serious and intense sports events also have its own share of bloopers or funny moments?

Well, here are the top 3 of the funniest things that has ever occurred before, during, or after a sports event.

The first one on our list happened during a weigh-in between two boxers. In the usual weigh-in process, the boxers only wear their undergarment so that their correct weight at the very moment can be correctly measured.

However, this certain boxer had a rather funny plan that gave the audience a good laugh during a weigh-in. Apparently, he appeared during the weigh-in and willingly stripped himself of all his clothing in order to show of his private part.

Well, his efforts did work as in the video taken, the laughs of the spectators made a really loud sound.

Second on our list also involves boxers, this time, the prank happened during a match. The victim? Well, none other than the referee of the match.

In a video, the two boxers were gathered together by the referee. As the ref was about to wrap up on his instructions, one of the boxers threw a ‘yellow cloth’ towards him.

Instead of concentrating on the fight, the crowd just ended up laughing after seeing what the boxer did.

Last but definitely not the least on out list features none other than the famous boxer, Manny Pacquaio himself.

During a press conference on an upcoming match, Pacquaio and his opponent was surrounded by many pretty and sexy girls. So, instead of facing his opponent to pose for a photo, Pacquaio deliberately faced one of the round girls.

The whole room immediately bursted in laughter after seeing Pacquaio’s clever joke.

Well, it turns out these seemingly overly serious sports can turn out into a laughing stock too!

You can watch the whole compiled videos below to see more funny stuff: