Guy burst out in tears after learning how he judged this young boy based on his appearance

Some may hate to admit it but its a fact that people are often judged based on their physical appearance. This may already be a rotten belief but it still exists even today.

This heartwarming story that you are about to read is one perfect example of how most people judge others based on their appearance without realizing that what matters more is the inner intent of a person and not just what they choose to show to the world.

This story posted by the Facebook page, Filmelon tells about a poor boy who happens to come into a small restaurant. As the boy was poorly dressed and one may think that he sleeps in the streets at a first glance.

The customers of the store tried to avoid him and even the owner himself stepped up to the situation and made the poor boy stay somewhere away from the other customers.

Afterward, the owner gave two pieces of bread to the boy. The boy ate one of the bread and kept the other one in his pocket. He then paid for what he ordered and left the restaurant.

When the owner returned to where the boy was sitting, he found out that the boy even left cash as a tip for him even though he treated him really badly. The restaurant owner failed to contain his tears as the realizations hit him.

The owner even went out to look for the boy but he was no longer there. At the end of the video, it turns out that the boy gave the other bread to his little sister.

Indeed, judging people based on their appearance is not a good trait. One should learn to treat people equally as physical appearances are only temporary, what is important is the inner beauty of everyone that is yet to be discovered.

Watch the full video of the story here;