This man made his own villa swimming pool alone

To be able to create something out of scratch or just from any material available in the vicinity is an unbelievable skill. Only a few people are able to find an unusual use to common things.

One of these few people is this man who has managed to build his very own swimming pool on the rooftop of his home just by using bamboo!

In a video uploaded by the Youtube Channel, The Unique Wilderness, a man was first seen getting out of his handmaid home.

First, he started out carrying soil up to the rooftop of his house.

When he managed to carry enough soil, he then added water to the mixture. The dry soil now became muddy and he used it as a substitute for cement for his will-be swimming pool.

As soon as the whole area was neatly covered with the soil and water mixture, the man then started to cut the bamboo into smaller lengths and cut it into halves.

Then, he arranged the bamboo on the walls of his pool. It was arranged in such a nice way that it was really pleasing to the eyes. On the floor of the pool, the pieces of bamboo was arranged alternately in a horizontal and vertical manner.

Afterwards, the man even created his improvised beach umbrella just by using old branches and more pieces of bamboo.

Lastly, all he needed to do was fill the pool with water. He went all the way to the nearest water source and carried the water in a small jar all the way to his pool.

Tadaaaa! Here now is his finish product.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Watch his full video here: