These people did a festive dance during a funeral

Oftentimes, people dread funerals. Just the mention of the word could pierce a certain part of people’s hearts and create a sense of pain and sorrow. When the actual event takes place, the overflowing of emotions just splits completely out of control.

In the first place, it is never ‘fun’ to bid out last farewell to a person who has been a part of our existence, that’s at least what most of us feel during funerals.

But, have you ever thought of what might happen if a supposedly sad and painful funeral turns into a fun and cheerful celebration?

Well, these people did just that.

In a video uploaded by a Facebook user named, Gerardo Flores Vilchez, a group of people was seen inside a cemetery. Four boys all in uniform blue colored shirt was carrying a casket.

As a festive music was playing in the background, the boys danced to its tune while clinging on to the casket on their shoulders. Its as if they even prepared a choreography for the unique funeral because their movements are in sync with each other.

Meanwhile, onlookers also clapped their hands along with the beat with smiles on their faces and cheered for the boys as they were dancing as gracefully as they could.

Indeed, how we look at certain things in life only depends on our own perception. The choice of being sad or happy is solely dependent on our own preferences. Just like funerals, the commonly known and practiced sad and hurtful occasion could turn into a happy and cheerful one.

That’s really depends on our tradition and custom.

See the full video here: