The legend is true! Turtle wins race against a Rabbit

One of the most unforgettable stories one has probably heard is that particular story of a rabbit and a turtle. The two animals, given their varied skills have agreed to have a race and while everyone thought the outcome would be in favor of the rabbit, the opposite happened.

This children’s story have been passed on from one generation to another along with the values it has instilled to everyone.

This time, the myth which was only an example of real life experiences has now happened in real life!

In a video that is now circulating on Facebook, a certain group of people have decided to conduct a race. One that features a rabbit and a turtle. The race started off and as expected, the rabbit immediately took the lead as the turtle’s steps was just too slow.

However, to everyone’s surprise, it was as if something happened midway because the rabbit stopped abruptly after reaching the middle part of the race.

The spectators were urging the animal to carry on as the turtle kept taking small steps towards the finish line. But the rabbit just stayed glued to its spot and it was as if it cannot hear a thing.

Meanwhile, the turtle was still working hard and continued to walk the little steps until it came closer and eventually finished the race way ahead of the rabbit!

The story of the turtle and the rabbit which has now come to life should continue to be a reminder to everyone that in life, hardwork and perseverance is what delivers a person to success.

You may watch the full video here;

Rabbit Vs Turtle Real Race

Posted by Humour Rumour on Saturday, 16 December 2017