This incredible girl has six King Cobra as best friends

For most people, snakes are probably the scariest type of pet they could ever have. Even just the mere sight of a snake can already make them run for their lives. But still, there are a few brave souls who choose to have snakes as their pets.

One of them is this little girl from India who is now dubbed as “The Indian Snake Girl.”

Meet Kajol, an eight-year-old girl living in Ghatampur, India. She owns not just one, not even two but six king cobras as her pets and even considers them as her best friends.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Snapped in the Wild, Kajol tells about how she lives her daily life along with her family and her best friends.

According to her, she gets up at 7 in the morning, eats her breakfast then feeds and plays with her pet cobras. She keeps the reptiles in ventilated boxes and keeps them with her inside her room.

Kajol further said that she left school when she was 3 years old because she loved cobras more than she will ever love human beings.

Because of her unusual choice of pets, she was often the center of attention from the people in their neighborhood every time she goes out for a walk.

Kajol’s mom said she tried so hard to persuade the child to stay away from the venomous reptiles but Kajol insisted on what she liked best and even confessed that she wants to be a snake catcher just like her father.

Although Kajol has bee bitten several times by her pets, it seems that this could not stop her from staying closer to her beloved pets.

Watch her full video below;

The Incredible Indian Snake Girl

This eight-year-old girl is best friends with DEADLY king cobras! 🐍

Posted by Snapped In The Wild on Friday, 3 August 2018