This Chicken prefers to drink beer over water

Human beings all have different types of preference, may it be on the clothes we wear or even on the type of food we eat and drink. We simply have different tastes in various things and that is what makes us all unique from each other.

But, have you ever thought that animals also have their own preference in various things?

Apparently, they do so too! Just like this chicken which has now turned out into a hot topic on social media. All that happened after a video of that said chicken surfaced online.

The video we are talking about is this one which was first uploaded by the Facebook page, Video Life. The said video first shows a man wearing a yellow shorts and was sitting on a chair. He was holding a rooster on his left hand.

Moments later, a glass filled with a yellowish liquid was placed in front of the rooster. The chicken immediately sipped from the glass like it was already anticipating it. It was found out that the yellowish liquid was in fact, beer!

As the video went on, a colorless liquid was also presented to the rooster. However, it was as if the liquid was never there because the rooster did not even care to even smell the liquid. It turns out that the colorless liquid was water.

Well, it can clearly be noted from the video that the rooster prefers the beer over water!

How about you? Which of these two drinks do you prefer more?

Watch the full video below;