This version of “Kiki Dance challenge” is the most dangerous we have seen so far

In the recent weeks, its as if netizens were all hooked by the Kiki Dance Challenge. The said new kind of challenge on social media includes a person getting out of a car, the car continues to move while the person can be seen dancing to the tune of Drake’s song entitled “In My Feelings” while continuously walking outside of the car.

As the challenge and the song became viral worldwide, many netizens even celebrities also took on their own versions of the Kiki Danve Challenge. As there are already too many versions which can be found on the internet, this guy decided to take a challenge to a whole new level.

Disclaimer : It is NOT advised for anyone to try this version as only professionals who are trained on their field can pull off this kind of act. 

The version we are talking about is this particular one which was featured on a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Tambayan ng mga Rider.

In the said video, a man wearing a black shirt paired with red pants and a helmet on his head was seen standing on a moving motorcycle. Yes, you’ve read it right, he was STANDING on a moving motorcycle in the middle of a highway.

As the video went on, the beat of “In My Feelings” started to play in the background. The man immediately started dancing while his feet is steadily glued to the moving motorcycle.

Impressively, the man was able to pull off the act during the entire chorus of the song. Many netizens were really impressed by his skill that the said video was viewed for over 17 million times.

You can also watch the full video here;