This new social media challenge climbing stairs is very tempting to try

For the past years, there has been various “challenges” which took social media by storm. Way back from the Harlem Shake, Ice Bucket, Mannequin Challenge down to the latest, “Kiki Dance Challenge”, it seems that more and more people are getting interested in joining these challenges on social media. and even making their own innovations to the ongoing craze.

Now, it seems that another trend in these challenges have managed to arouse the curiosity of netizens. We are talking about this new “Climb the stairs with style” challenge.

By using the newest video editing app called Tiktok, a number of netizens have already shared their own take on trying to climb the stairs with style. The mechanics of this new challenge is quite simple, one only has to climb any stair on their vicinity while their feet is dancing along to a remix version of Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann.

In a compiled video uploaded and shared several times on Facebook, it was mostly girls who took on the challenge and they did so without any difficulty. Some of them eve managed to perform the challenge even in steep stairs.

One girl was even wearing high-heeled shoes and a skirt as she took on the challenge on a wooden stair.

Some performed the challenge indoors while some even chose to do it in public places with a lot of people watching. Nothing can really stop these courageous people to do the challenge!

Well, are you willing to take on this challenge too? Tell us your thoughts!

See the full video here;