Brave woman puts off fire in a gasoline station while guys run away in fear

Oftentimes, there are certain jobs that are only limited to men. The old notion that men can do a better job than women still haunts people even up to this day. However, society is now changing and more doors of opportunities are being opened to equally competent women.

In the case of this brave woman, what she did just proved that she is well aware of the job she is doing and that her bravery and critical thinking is something worth of more than just a mere commendation.

The incident we are talking about was captured through a CCTV footage and was shared by the Facebook page, Bnews Global. The said video was taken in a gasoline station where instead of a gasoline boy, a gasoline girl was getting the job done.

Just a few moments into the video, something unexpected happened! A motorcycle who was about to gas up suddenly caught fire.

Out of shock from seeing what was happening, 4 male motorcycle drivers who was also at the scene immediately fled and even left their motorcycles there.

However, the gasoline girl had an entirely different thing going on her mind. She did not fled, instead, she got a hold of the nearest fire extinguisher she can find. She tried to unfasten the extinguisher as fast as she could and she was able to put out the fire all on her own.

Because of her bravery, she was admired by many netizens. In fact, the comment section of the said post all contains praises for the brave woman.

Indeed, we can all agree that what she did is something worthy of praise.

Watch the full video here;