We have all been using the can opener in the wrong way!

Can openers may just be another thing we can always find in anyone’s home. But, this small equipment has been of great help especially in saving time and making it easier for anybody to open any can of their choice. May it be a can of corned beef, sardines, meat loaf, or lychees, corn, pineapple just name it and a can opener will truly be an amazing aid in opening any size of cans.

While most people have been so used to using can openers on a daily basis, it turns out that some may be using this small equipment in the wrong way!


Well, this video uploaded by a Facebook user named Kristopher Sean Brown willingly demonstrated the ‘correct’ way of using a can opener.

Most people are used to placing the can opener sideways and opening the upper lid of the can with its embossed circular sides still intact. After the can is completely opened, one may find it hard to lift the lid from the can. This is because that is the wrong way of opening a can!

The correct way is to position the can opener on top of the to be opened can. Make sure that the opener touches the embossed circular sides of the can.

Then, slowly move the can opener in a clockwise direction.

Voila! The can is now completely opened without the hassle of trying to take off the lid from its top.

Phew! This sure is something worth knowing. Do you think so too?

Watch the full tutorial video below;