This wrestler uses Probability to explain why he will win

Mathematics itself is considered one of the hardest subjects by most students. There are just too many complicated numbers, letters and formulas that most people find hard to understand. Most especially those equations that not just include whole numbers but also fractions.

Well, this wrestler simply surprised everyone in the audience when he used Mathematics as his way of measuring the probability of him winning against his future opponent.

The video we are talking about is this one uploaded by the Facebook page, Better Than You Wrestling. In the said video, two wrestlers were being interviewed in one corner of their studio.

The one who was speaking with the interviewer first started off with giving facts about battling one on one with another wrestler. He later describes himself as a genetic freak and concludes that anyone who goes up against him will only have a 25% chance of winning.

He then introduces his partner and stated that if the two of them work together, their opponent’s chance of winning will only go down.

Then, he further said that if the three of them go up with each other on a three-way match, each one will only have 33 and 1/3 chance of winning but he can easily win with a 66 and 2/3 chance.

He even proceeded with adding the losing chances of his opponent and also adding his winning chances which resulted to a big difference between the numbers when it comes to statistics.

He then ended his number-filled speech by saying “the numbers don’t lie” and that his opponent should be prepared for the disaster that is about to come during their match.

See the full interview here;