This video perfectly depicts how kindness works like a ripple

Over and over again, we have been reminded by our elders to be kind to other people, even to strangers. Sure, kindness has no price but even the smallest acts of kindness could change the perspective of people in ways we do not often notice.

Just like in this short video by Life Vest Inside that made for everyone to reflect on being kind.

The video which has now been shared repeatedly on Facebook started off with a boy accidentally falling from his skateboard. Lucky for him, a man who works at a construction site nearby helped him get up and eve asked if he was okay.

As the boy went on his way, he came across an old woman who was carrying a lot of things and is trying to cross the road but could not do so. The boy gladly helped the old woman.

Then, the old woman saw a girl searching through her bag for coins. The old woman willingly gave a few coins to the lady.

As the lady continued to walk, she saw a man accidentally dropped his wallet while walking. She returned the wallet to the man.

The man was surprised and as he was going on his way, he helped another man who was having a hard time trying to carry a huge luggage bag.

That luggage man then decided to buy a sandwich from a seller across the street. Instead of buying just one, he bought two and gave the other to a man who was asking for alms on the street.

The long-haired man shyly smiled while receiving the sandwich. While he ate, he saw that a teenager left her cellphone from where she was standing. He followed the teenager and returned the cellphone.

On her way, the teenage girl saw an old woman and decided to buy flowers for her. The old woman just smiled at the sweet gesture of the teenage girl.

After the old woman left the restaurant she was dining in, she left a huge amount of tip for the waiter.

The waiter was really thankful for the huge amount that she decided to give free water to a construction worker who was busy working all day in the area. It turns out that he was the same construction worker who helped the boy in the beginning of the video.

Indeed, it is true that even the smallest acts of kindness can create an endless ripple.

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