This guy immediately regrets trying to ‘lick’ the ice in the fridge

During the summer season, extreme heat is can be experienced in most tropical areas. So, people tend to find their own ways of trying to ease the effects of the high temperature. Some resort to having multiple fans inside a room or turning the air conditioner to its coldest function.

Well, this guy had the most unusual idea of trying to ease the effects of extreme heat inside their home. Only that his idea turned out to be the worst of his nightmares!

In a video uploaded by the Facebook user named Redent Schembri, a guy was first seen sticking his tongue out in a small closed space. At a closer look, one will realize that it was in fact, the inside of a refrigerator.

As the short video progressed, it can be seen that the guy was trying to ‘lick’ the ice inside the ref. He tried to move his tongue from one place to the other.

Then, something he did not expect happened!

His tongue got stuck in the middle part of the refrigerator. As his tongue was wet and anything that touches the surface of the dry ice will also turn into ice. The poor guy did not foresee that this will happen to him as he only intended to have a little fun time.

After realizing that he can no longer remove his tongue from the ref, he decided to call out whoever it was that was with him inside the house. He tried to scream a name but only muffled sounds can be heard as he could not move his tongue.

The video ended with another person helping out the poor guy take out his tongue from the refrigerator. Lucky for him, someone was quick enough to save him. We could only imagine something worse that might have happened to him if it wasn’t for that person.

Many netizens found the video really hilarious and shared it several times which caused it to become viral.

See the full video here;