This guy can peel and cut any fruit in seconds effortlessly

The intake of fruits is considered essential for a person to maintain a healthy body. Various types of fruits have positive effects to the body’s overall health because it contains natural vitamins and minerals that directly reacts with the chemicals inside our bodies.

While most fruits only require minimum amount of effort in preparation, there are still people who sometimes have a hard time in peeling and cutting the fruits they are about to eat.

Well, this man will simply impress you with his amazing skill of peeling and cutting fruits in an efficient way at the shortest possible time.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Viral TRND, a man wearing a yellow shirt and whose face was not shown in the entire video was first seen cutting a watermelon in half.

Then, he cut the halves into smaller parts with ease. He then peeled the outer part of the watermelon with just minimal effort.

His next task involves what most consider as one of the hardest to peel fruits – the pineapple. He started off with cutting the bottom and top part of the pineapple. Next, he peeled off the sides of the fruit and proceeded with cutting off the “eye” parts. He did so without any difficulty at all. Its as if he was only peeling an orange.

After the ‘eyes’ of the pineapple were completely removed, the next thing he did was to cut the fruits he previously peeled into smaller pieces and put them in a small plate.

The whole cutting process was just so fast that is one may blink in the process, you might miss it.

Whoa! This guy’s skill is just so over the top. Would you like to have this fruit ninja skill too?

Watch the full video below;