These guys made writing paper with their bare hands

Paper may just be a small thing but its what enables schools and offices to operate every single day. Could you just imagine a world without paper? Well, that is not even imaginable in the first place.

We may all be aware of the fact that paper is made from trees but, are you aware that it is also possible to create paper out of trees with just using bare hands and things that can be found around us?

Well, these guys are more than willing to demonstrate how this is done!

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page Blunt Kommunity, a man was first seen taking out the bark of a tree in a forested area.

He then proceeds to another area to take out the inner part of the bark and folded all of it in order to fit in a small clay pot. He soaked the bark for a period of time in water and later came back to check it.

Next, he drained the water contents of the pot and afterwards added ash to his mixture. He then adds water to the pot and builds a fire to heat up the solution.

Afterwards, the guy was joined by another person and the two started to grind the bark into smaller pieces just with their bare hands.

The now smaller bits of the bark is once again put into the fire. The guys even added a small mixture of concrete into the bark solution.

Lastly, the two then proceeded with placing a piece of stone above a fire. This will serve as a carving medium for the paper. The bark is then carved into the molder and was left to dry.

After a few hours, the writing paper entirely made from scratch can now be used!

Isn’t it amazing?

Go and watch the full video here;