Collision causes drastic explosion of a tanker in the middle of the road

Road accidents are simply as unpredictable as the weather. In just a spur of a moment, many people might potentially be injured or worse lose their lives because of road accidents. This certain case of an explosion in the middle of a highway is a concrete example of how dangerous the road can be to anyone – even to those who take extra caution when driving.

In a report by Daily Mail, a CCTV footage recorded the whole unforeseen accident which involves a truck, a gas tanker and many other cars who were in the vicinity and was covered by the huge scope of explosion caused by the gas tanker.

The said footage shows the petrol tanker driving straight into the vehicles in front at high speed until it bumped into a truck. The tanker immediately caught fire, and then exploded a short time. What came as a small explosion later turned into a huge one that even stretched across eight lanes, collapsing part of the raised highway.

Police video shows that by the time of the explosion, most vehicles had been evacuated from the highway.

Highway police said only the tanker driver died in the crash, revising earlier reports that there were two dead. Dozens of people were injured, many with burns or cuts from flying glass when windows of buildings nearby were shattered in the blast.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have opened an investigation into the Bologna accident, triggered when the tanker truck carrying liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, rammed into a truck stuck in a line of traffic.

See the full video of the accident here;