Underwater camera catches the action after a crab trap is dropped under the sea

The mysteries surrounding the ocean is still so many that even though there are millions of discoveries by famous scientists, the depths of the ocean and the existence of the creatures within it still remains something that is yet to be discovered.

Through the advancement in technology, research and other stuff related to knowing what happens to this and that has been quite easy.

Just like in the case of these divers who decided to record the actual video of what happens when they drop a crab trap all the way down to the bottom of the sea.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Blunt Kommunity, two people are seen on board a boat. They prepared a trap which was made from wires, along with the trap is a bait. This trap will be used to catch crabs and a camera was also installed with it.

Moments later, the two the decided to drop their crab trap into the sea. The trap went all the way down to the bottom of the sea where crabs are abundant. The depth is approximately 80 feet.

At first, its as if there were no crabs in the vicinity. Until one managed to get itself inside the trap. The unlucky crab eve tried to reach for the bait with all its effort was hopeless as the bait was completely sealed with wires.

Later on, another crab joins the first crab inside the trap. The two moved freely, unaware of the fact that they are already stuck inside a trap.

You may watch the full video here;