This guy explains why Filipinos don’t get rich

Filipinos are known to be family-oriented individuals. The typical Filipino home is not only limited to the father, mother and children living in one roof. It even extends to grandparents, nieces, nephews, and even sisters or brothers in law.

While this trait is considered good by the majority, a Facebook user named David DiMuzio pointed out that this is not the case and also answered the question, “Why Filipinos don’t get rich?”

David first introduced himself as someone who came from a very poor family. He recalls that since he was young, he only wears hand-me-down clothes and he has seen how his mom struggled to raise a total of 6 children.

Disregarding his dark past, he shares that he is now earning millions of dollars as a performer and out of the investments he has made. He also proudly said that he is able to help many of his relatives and friends by giving them opportunities.

Then, David recalls his experience when he once went on a date with a Filipina nurse. The nurse shared that she has no money and no savings at all. To David’s surprise, it turns out that the nurse was still supporting her family out of the money she ears.

All throughout the video, David pointed out that as a person who works from paycheck to paycheck, it should not be anyone’s responsibility to give money to their relatives. He pointed out the old but still true saying that says, “You should never give fish to a man instead, you should teach him how to fish.”


He says that this saying is really applicable to all the working Filipinos out there who cannot save money for themselves because they consider themselves responsible for the welfare of their family.

At the end of his video, he reminded every Filipino that giving your relatives and friends their own opportunity to make themselves rich is better than just giving them money.

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