Guy found his grandparents’ creepy 50-year-old item collection and it’s driving people nuts

Have you ever imagined stumbling upon items all foreign to your eyes but are in fact something which has come from the ancient times? Well, this may be just another proof that there really is so much left in our history that is yet to be discovered.

Just like how this Facebook user named Raevin Amante Bonifacio managed to come across a chest which contains peculiar items as they were cleaning inside the old home of their grandparents.

According to Bonifacio’s post, he was just curious as to what the items were as some of them are really creepy in his eyes. It was assumed that the items were already 50-60 years old and through his post, Bonifacio aims that somebody could shed light to his queries.

The photos included in the post were a chest, a crucifix with an eye at the center, a book written in ancient language and lots of necklaces with pendants which has peculiar designs.

The chest was brownish in color and it was particularly small but it seemed to have endured all those years without even a scratch.

The Crucifix with an eye at the center is a rather creepy sight. The eye was engraved on the wood and ropes are also rolled over the shorter sides of the cross.

The books written in ancient language can be a bit of a dilemma for an ordinary person to read but experts can surely be a great help in trying to dig into the meaning of what is written in these books.

The various pendants also discovered inside the chest all have different designs and are really peculiar that one might even say that it looks really creepy.

We may not be able to fully explain the contents of the said chest but we hope that through this article, Bonifacio will be able to find the answer he is looking for.

im just curious ano kaya ito?

Posted by Raevin Amante Bonifacio on Monday, 6 August 2018