This man can create shoes out of old tires

The saying that there is money in trash may already be old but it is still applicable even today. All it takes is a creative mind and a persevering body to be able to produce something that no one would expect to be made from materials which are considered trash by many.

Just like in the case of this man who makes shoes out of old tires from cars! How is that possible? Apparently, the whole process is quite simple.

In a video uploaded by the Youtube Channel, Daring Danielle, a man whose face was kept private by whoever took the video can be seen working on tires.

The man wearing a yellow shirt first started by measuring the foot size of his customer. He did so without any measuring device but the tire itself. He then cut the tire as to the fit the size of the client’s foot.

Moments later, he cut off some parts of the edges and sides of the tire. This is done so the shoes rightly covers the sole.

Then, he cut off portions of the inner part of the tire to resemble the shape of a strap for a shoe. This strap is then attached by the use of a small nail to the main part of the shoe.

After doing so, the shoe is once again fitted to the feet of the client so that the straps may be positioned properly. The nails are then cut off so it would not be dangerous for one to walk while wearing it.

Tadaaaa! Here is the finish product.

Who would have thought that the supposed useless old tire can still be turned into something useful such as this unique shoe.

See the full video here: