Real struggle of woman before giving birth to a child captured in a video

They say being a mother is what completes the existence of a woman. However, carrying and giving birth to a child is a struggle that each and every mother in the world has managed to survive with the thought that they are about to give life to an angel.

No one can truly feel what it is like to give birth until one is in that position herself. Just like this mom who was captured in a video doing anything she could to get rid of the inexplainable pain she was feeling.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, ជក់មើល, a woman wearing a maternity dress was seen inside a hospital. It was assumed that she is about to give birth when the video was taken.

A few moments into the video, its as if that she no longer knows what to do as she can only feel the inexplainable pain in her uterus. She was seen trying to hold on to the bed and stand on her own but it was still of no use.

On another picture uploaded with the post, she was seen hugging an older woman with the expression of excruciating pain painted on her face.

The last picture uploaded with the post shows a photo of her newborn baby. The struggle she went through finally paid off as the mere sight of her baby can simply take away any type of pain she previously felt.


Meanwhile, many netizens expressed their sympathy for the girl in the post. Most of them are also mothers who went through the same experience as her.

Watch the full video here;