Organic Burial Pods aim to replace coffins and transform graves into trees

Bidding our last farewell to our loved ones can be extremely hard, painful and the whole process takes a lot of time. Everytime people seem to miss their loved ones who have passed away, they try to visit memorial parks to pay their respects and express their feelings to those loved ones.

However, memorial parks can sometimes be too crowded or the weather may be too hot that it is impossible to visit a memorial park.

Well, these people might have found a genius replacement to coffins and at the same time, a very effective way to conserve and re-create renewable energy for the future of the Earth.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Be Inspired. Aspire., scientists have made a discovery which they now call as the “Organic Burial Pods”. This eco-friendly idea has the sole aim of turning a graveyard of tombstones into a memorial park full of trees.

Capsula Mundi, an Italian company is the one responsible for developing the beautiful alternative to coffins. The idea is to place a body in a fetal position, enclose it in a biodegradable burial capsule then plant it in soil with a seed or tree.

They also developed the so called Bios Urn, a biodegradable urn that stores ashes below the soil mix. An embedded seed takes the nourishment from the ashes as it grows into a tree.

The company envisions that soon, instead of graveyards, we’ll be visiting a memorial park with a forest area where trees are named after our loved ones.

This will surely be a sight to behold!

Watch the full video here: