You won’t believe this girl’s transformation after a few touch of makeup

A make-up’s primary purpose is to enhance the beauty of whoever is using it. There are various types of make up in terms of packaging and color than can easily be bought by anyone in department stores or cosmetic shops.

In recent years, there has been a trend in using make up called the “make up transformation” where ordinary people try to copy the faces of famous personalities just by using make up. But this viral girl transformed not into anyone else’s look but shocked the netizens with her very own transformation!

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Shanghaiist, a bare faced girl was first seen smiling happily in front of the camera as she was prepping up to doing her own make up.

She then starts the process by putting on moisturizer on her face. After spreading the formula all over her face, the next thing she did was put on a liquid foundation.

She also made sure that it was evenly spread on the areas of her face so that it looks the same in any angle.

She the worked on her eyebrows. She just used eyebrow stamp so that it will no longer take a lot of time to manually curve her eyebrows. Next, she started to work on her eyelids, she chose a color that compliments her skin tone and also installed false eyelashes.

Then, she started working on her nose by drawing a thin nose line before proceeding to working on her lips. She chose a lipstick shade that compliments not just the color of her skin but also the color of the dress she will be wearing.

Viola! Here is how she looks now after the make-up process.

You may watch the whole video here;