These guys show off their extraordinary jumping skills during a “Chinese Garter” game

Chinese Garter is a popular game among Asian children. The mechanics of this game is quite simple, two people hold both ends of a stretched garter horizontally while the others attempt to cross over it. The goal is to cross without having tripped on the garter.

With each round, the garter’s height is made higher than the previous round (the game starts with the garter at ankle-level, followed by knee-level, until the garter is positioned above the head). The higher rounds demand dexterity, and the players generally leap with their feet first in the air, so their feet cross over the garter, and they end up landing on the other side. Also, with the higher levels, doing cartwheels to “cross” the garter is allowed.

This game has been played for years already by most Asian kids. But these guys has somehow raised the standard of playing Chinese Garter.

We are talking about these people who are featured in a video that has made rounds online. The video posted by the Facebook page, Sabah Viral features 3 friends playing the Chinese Garter game.

At first, it seems that it was just another ordinary video, but try to take a closer look at how high the garter is. The two girls holding the garter even had to stand on a monoblock chair in order to raise the garter higher.

When the garter was aligned on the head of the two girls, the three participants just easily passed that level.

As the garter was raised overhead, only two of them were able to survive. As it was really hard to pass such level, the audience can be eve heard clapping after one of the participants successfully crosses to the other side.

When it came to the highest level that the girls could reach out their hand to, only the man wearing black shirt and black pants was able to pass successfully. He was declared as the winner of the game!

Well, what about you? Do you think you can also jump as high as they could?

See their full video here;

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Posted by Sabah Viral on Tuesday, 19 June 2018