Group of students sang on a sidewalk to help an old woman

Oftentimes, when we walk along the streets of various places, we may come across certain individuals who ask for alms from passers-by. These people are mostly those who are no longer able to work for a living specifically those with disabilities and others who are already too old thus, no longer has the strength to work hard.

These people who are living in the streets only rely on their daily alms collection for their food and other expenses. Their collection is solely dependent on the generosity of people around them.

Sure, some people are truly generous enough to share their blessings to those less fortunate ones but this group of students simply leveled-up their way of helping an old woman who was asking for alms in the street.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook user named Zin Len, three students (2 boys and 1 girl) are seen sitting around together with an old woman.

It turned out that the group of students was out there to showcase their talent in singing and playing the ukelele plus a plot twist – they were trying their very best to help the old woman gain more money from almsgiving.

As a result, many admired the group’s effort which caused the post to become an instant viral hit!

It now has over 1.8 million views after just a few days since it was first posted. Even the comments section was flooded with positive comments from different people.

Well, all we can say is these students truly did a good job!

See their full video here;

sana marami pa ang katulad mo mga kuya.. salamat s pagtulong nio kay lola… #KMJS

Posted by Zin Len on Tuesday, 31 July 2018