Dad creates mini-swimming pool in their backyard for his beloved daughter!

We all know that the love of parents to their children is immeasurable and simply incomparable. The only difference of parents to other parents is how they demonstrate their love for their children. Some show it through disciplining their children to become better individuals and there are also others who show it by doing extraordinary things for them.

Just like what this particular dad did for his beloved daughter. Well, he simply made a mini swimming pool for her out of his bare hands!

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Blunt Kommunity, the dad first started off his project by piling brick that form his desired shape for the swimming pool. He then started cementing the bricks together until it reached his desired height of the pool.

Next, he cemented the sides of the bricks for the pool to have an even surface.

To make the pool more personalized, he even collected small white stones and formed them into her daughter’s name which was “Zang.”

After the cement completely dried the following day, he proceeded with designing the pool with artificial grass as well as painting it.

The outside was painted white and the inside was painted with blue.

Zang’s name was also painted with a more feminine color – pink.

The dad completed the swimming pool by installing a circular piece of wood above the artificial grass and filling it up with water!

Tadaaaa! Just look at how happy Zang is with swimming pool her dad made. Truly, his efforts paid off.

See his full video here;