These guys created foot shaped pool from scratch with drainage

The heat from the sun can be extremely scorching at certain times which is why people just try to find their own ways and means of making themselves feel refreshed and comfortable at all times. Some prefer using appliances at home in order to minimize the extreme heat. There are also others who choose to visit resorts and enjoy the refreshing water.

Well, these two might have finally found the perfect way to refresh themselves. That is – to create their very own swimming pool.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Viral TRND, first, the two started by digging a hole. The hole’s location was already pre-determined together with its size and depth.

Next, the two started to put together pieces of big rocks. The rocks are being aligned on the outer part of the pool. The rocks are then sealed from their position by the use of an alternative cement.

They formed the shape that they wanted just by sealing the inside portions of the pool just by using the alternative cement. The shape they turns out to be the shape of the feet of a person.

The pool was then cleaned thoroughly and afterwards, they started to pour water into the pool.

After doing so, they started trying to build a small bench with a roof on one side of the pool. The bench was only made from bamboo and other branches of trees that are found inside the forested area. A nipa also served as the roof of the bench.

Tadaaa! After just a few steps, the two men are now finally able to enjoy their sweet time swimming through their very own swimming pool.

See the full video here;