Teacher shares student’s heartbreaking situation during her home visitation

Every once in a while, we may come across stories of random people that will inspire us in ways we never imagined. These random stories of people we don’t even know of often gets to the depths of our hearts and allows it to feel things we never thought of before.

Just like in the case of this heart-wrenching story of a very poor student. In a post shared by a Facebook user named Cathy Cabungcal who introduced herself as the teacher of the student featured in the post, she said that as part of her reaching out and getting to know her students more, she tried to visit their homes one by one.

When she visited a particular student’s residence, her heart immediately shrunk by how the student’s family lives.

As seen in the photos she uploaded together with the post, the house of the humble family was really small and was made out of bamboo strips and are nowhere near a house with a strong foundation as its corners were only positioned with old branches of trees.

The back part of the house was only covered with sacks put together just to make it look like the house is enclosed. The family’s situation is really dire and simply shows the kind of poverty that most citizens of the Philippines suffer from.

Meanwhile, many netizens were touched by the family’s situation causing the post to become viral and other netizens even chose to mention pages of government agencies so that proper help will be given to the family.

A visit to one of my pupils' house.My heart shrink when I saw their situation.The mother said that they are denied of the 4P's benefits.

Posted by Cathy Cabungcal on Saturday, 28 July 2018