Girl learns her lesson the hard way after playing in an escalator

Overcoming challenges is truly a fulfilling experience in the life of a person. Its just like being able to get rid of a lump that is left stuck inside the throat and finally being able to breathe freely again.

These days, the challenges people encounter is not only limited to those that are thrown by life itself. There are also others which are done by many just because its a ‘trending’ kind of practice by people all over the internet.

Just like this particular dare which one is required to ride on an escalator. Well, not your ordinary standing-on-one-side kind of ride, this one requires a person to hang himself on the railings of a moving escalator.

A video uploaded by the Facebook page, Viral now shows three girls which are seen standing on the side of an escalator. Just a few moments later, the girl wearing a white jumpsuit did the escalator challenge herself. She raised her arms and rode the railings of the elevator as it kept moving upward. She then stopped and jumped midway which marked the end to her escalator challenge.

Then, the girl wearing pink shirt and a white shorts also tried to do her version of the escalator challenge. However, it seemed that something went wrong because she failed to jump in the middle of the escalator. As an effect, she was continuously pulled up by the machine.

Seeing that something was definitely wrong with their friend, the people around immediately gathered to save her.

At the end of the video, she was seen jumping from a high location. There were no further reports made about her health progress. We just hope and pray that nothing serious occurred to her.

See the full controversial video below;