Video shows how a small boat is capsized by an enormous wave

In the past, there has been several records of accidents occurring in the middle of the sea. As there is no such thing as a CCTV camera in the middle of the vast ocean, these incidents are often investigated and the root cause of the accident is only determined after a thorough investigation.

This time, however, the shocking moment of a small boat being capsized by a huge wave has been recorded in a camera. The unfortunate incident is said to have occurred in Indonesia.

The dramatic footage that is now circulating on social media shows the blue and white boat barely keeping afloat in extremely rough seas while a group of shocked tourists look in Nias, Indonesia.

In a report by Daily Mail, as the vessel moves further out by the violent sea a wave begins to swell and the water moves higher and higher until the boat is thrust upwards and hurled backwards by the force.

Later on as seen in the video, the boat tips on its side and is then submerged in the foaming waters. It was fortunate that the boat was unmanned and there is no fatality recorded with regards to the incident. It was assumed that the boat have lost its anchor and drifted out towards the ocean.

Meanwhile, Nias Island is located in the northwest corner of is the largest in a string of islands west of Sumatra called the Barrier Islands. The island has been dubbed a surfers paradise because of its very high waves which can reach 1-12 feet.

See the full video here: