Sacred Riana Summons A Terrifying Imaginary Friend on AGT

Sacred Riana first made headlines after she joined and later won Asia’s Got Talent. Her rather scary acts is what made her stood out among all other competitors and made her the most awaited act throughout the whole season.

This time, Sacred Riana decided to share her terrifying acts to another archipelago, this is why she joined America’s Got Talent. During her audition, the famous critique, Simon Cowell pushed the ‘X’ button because he plainly wanted Sacred Riana to just stop.

Despite this, she still made it to the next round and in her recent performance, the audience and the judges were really shocked with the act she performed.

In a video uploaded through America’s Got Talent’s official Youtube channel, Sacred Riana enters the stage wearing her usual long sleeved dress and she was carrying a doll.

Moments later, the guest judge tried to talk to her but she simply went on with her prepared act. She gave the doll to Mel B. Afterwards, she proceeded with showing an entirely blank book. She wrote the words ‘Do you want to play?’ outside the book.

Next, she put the book inside a little box which forms the shape of a house. After just a few moments, she took it out again but this time, there were already drawings inside the book and there was also a written phrase which says, “I want to play with Mel B.”

Sacred Riana then proceeded at the judges’ seat and went over to take the doll from Mel B and leave the book in front of her.

She then put the doll inside the small house and walked around on stage while saying “Come on, let’s play with our new friend.” Suddenly, a real human came out of the small house. Everyone in the audience was shocked and could not believe what they just saw.

Even Mel B had to stand from where she was sitting and take a little rest as the whole experience gave her chills.

See the full video here: